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Tecruiting, through its flagship company Quintessence Consulting, established a network of Technical Recruiters/Sales professionals that worked for IT Staffing Companies, from their homes and brought down the operations cost...

"Providing someone with food and money is HELP; enabling someone earn a living is 'SERVICE'" - Why we think 'Recruiting' is a noble profession

We believe that opening doors for employment to everyone regardless of industry, age, status, qualification - is something very noble and of economic significance to society and country. The success of this vision is largely dependent on the kind of emphasis laid on recruitment of resources. We, at Tecruiting, hope to make a small contribution in this endeavor by sharing the technicalities of recruitment as service. Tecruiting, offers a common platform for recruiters, corporates, and job seekers to come together and thrive in an environment where synchronized growth ensures economic prosperity for all.

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